Tips to Help You find the Perfect Role during the Festive Period!

You might think that the festive period is the worst time to look for a job. It’s probably the most unappealing, with most of the workforce winding down for a well- earned rest, but why not use that time to your advantage.

The common belief is that businesses don’t hire towards the end of the year because they are too busy and there is no budget. That’s not entirely true!

It’s no lie that people are winding down, but jobs are still out there. If you remain focused and keep up the job search, make sure you are one of the people at the front of the line. So here are just a few tips to help you if you are job seeking during Christmas.

1) Update your CV

Make sure your CV is up to date and reads well. Check for spellings, grammar and punctuation. Sounds simple…but you’d be surprised at the number of CV’s we receive with incorrect spellings and grammar!

2) Send your CV to potential employers

Christmas is a very quiet time for job applications. Although jobs are out there, people don’t apply for various reasons. It could be that they just want to enjoy the Christmas holidays without having to worry about taking leave. Take it as an opportunity to send your CV’s to as many businesses you might like to work for. With less people contacting businesses for jobs the more your application will stand out.

3) Be prepared and patient

It’s likely that over the Christmas period response from a job application will take longer than usual. Key decision makers might be on holiday so you’ll need to be patient. If things don’t go your way and you receive a rejection, make sure you don’t let it get you down. Stay positive…rejection is part of the job search.

4) Beware of writing too much

Try to keep your CV to no more than 2 pages. If you are updating your CV with new roles, then just be mindful of the amount of detail you are adding to each job. You don’t need to delete jobs but just perhaps summarise the bullet points rather than detailing every part of the job.

So that’s our list of job seeking tips during the festive period so happy hunting and here’s to a Happy and prosperous New Year!


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