Leadership & Management

For awareness our existing modules can be adapted, or they can be bespoke to the needs of the business, we can create a box set or provide single subject training.
We have multiple methods of delivery, from Online, Face to Face or Video’s.

Email our training team who will happily support with any enquires – trainingcourses@optima-uk.com

Team Building and Motivation

Learn how to build a successful team by understanding the key elements to teamwork, and the behaviors needed to grow together

Self- awareness & personal impact

Increase your awareness and understanding of the impact you have on others, and they have on you

Coaching for high performance

Learn the skills and qualities to act as coach, increasing their awareness and responsibility for it, empowering them to make decisions and actions

Building personal resilience & resilient teams

Increase your awareness of how to adapt to stressful situations and adversity without lasting difficulties

Building and leading high performance teams

Learn to observe and develop team spirit by maintaining collaboration, managing individual needs and responding quickly to changes in dynamic

Leading through Change

Understanding and be able to to prepare for change with the ability to communicate and understand the human response to change

Delivering effective feedback / handling difficult conversations

Learn the skills to give feedback that is heard, understood, and acted upon

Performance Management Skills

Gain confidence and skills to manage performance, understand the role managers’ play and how to support their teams

Leading in a hybrid environment

Develop skills to effectively engage staff to deliver, and look after their wellbeing in a hybrid environment

Time Management

Understand the principles around time management, the barriers we come across and tools to overcome these to manage your time effectively

Presentation Skills

Know how to create an impactful presentation, including presenting style, high impact content and creating a smooth user journey

Know your customer

Understand how to attract your dream customers and clients, and how to match your personality/sales styles to drive improved performance

Impact and Influence

Identify tools and skills to create impact and influence to your given audience

The Power of Assertiveness

Know the difference between assertiveness and aggression, and how to use assertiveness to move in the direction you want

Managing personal development

Identify what goals you have in your personal and professional life, and set realistic actions to move towards achieving these

Essential Stakeholder management

Understand the key skills and behaviours needed for effective and impactful stakeholder management

Effective Communication

Know the different types of communication, the effect of each style, and techniques to reach your audience with your information

Appraisal Training (Managers and Employees)

Understand how to take your employees through the appraisal process, and as employees how to get the best from your time with your manager

Developing a growth mindset

Identify how to shift your mindset from a fixed/stationery mindset to a growth/movement based mindset

Critical Thinking

Explore ways to enable staff to think differently around goals and explore creative alternatives to achieve results


Increase confidence ability to influence at a senior level by learning new and empowering tools and strategies


Identify tools to enable people to work together in a way that is powerful and meaningful

Decision Making

Explore how to empower staff to feel empowered to make a decision in a logical, well-balanced, and reasoned way