Employability series

For awareness our existing modules can be adapted, or they can be bespoke to the needs of the business, we can create a box set or provide single subject training.
We have multiple methods of delivery, from Online, Face to Face or Video’s.

Email our training team who will happily support with any enquires – trainingcourses@optima-uk.com

CV Building

Explore what makes a high standard CV, how to sell yourself through writing, practical tools to create your own bespoke CV

Cover Letter writing

How best to promote your skills and qualities through a cover letter and to increase your chances of securing an interview

Interview Preparation

How to make the best first impression, clam nerves, and attend your interview with preparation, research and self-confidence

Interview Questions

Identify the types of questions asked at interviews and learn techniques to answer these putting your best foot forward with potential employers

Interview Preparation for Remote Interviews

How to prepare for a remote interview, making the best first impression virtually

Skills and Qualities

An interactive session to help you explore and discover skills and qualities you have. This session will aid your job application and interview skills

Transferable Skills

Exploring skills we use in our day to day lives and how we can apply them to work

Preparing to enter the workplace

Understand how to prepare to go back into work, where to look for opportunities and making an individual employability action plan

Job market

Explore the job market, what roles exist and discover sectors you would like to find work within creating a personal career action plan

LinkedIn & Networking

Understanding how networking can help to find opportunities as well as exploring how to use LinkedIn and create your own online profile

Team Working

Identify what skills I can bring to be an effective team player, understand how to influence, work collaboratively and deal with conflict within teams

Goal Setting

Learn how to set goals that we can succeed with and understanding how to break down exactly what goal we want to achieve is

Building an online profile

Establish a professional image through online communications and thinking about what potential employers will see if they search your name