Everyday’s a learning day, right?

Research shows that individuals only retain 10% of what they learn on a training course, and only put into effect 10% of what they retained. These figures show a return of only 1% on an annual investment of £34 billion by UK plc training and development. Innovative and radically different approaches to training and development are needed to have real business impact and return on investment.

Here at Optima, we get under the skin of your organisation. We learn what keeps you up at night, what drives your vision and what motivates your people.


We combine these insights with careful analysis of your goals, aspirations and needs. Then we develop the right tailored solution for your organisation and employees, and help to deliver measurable improvements in your business.

As a commercially focused business ourselves, we know that any workplace learning has to help you achieve your business goals.

It also has to give your employees the skills they need to make your organisation stronger, more resilient and better at coping with future developments. Our training and development services include:

  • Workplace learning modules
  • Workplace one-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Workplace workshops and projects relevant to your business plan
  • Online learning modules
  • Distance learning materials
  • Classroom or offsite-based courses and workshops

Your success is our mission

Our Training services will:

  • Measure business improvement against key metrics set at the beginning of the course
  • Identify your development needs to ensure fit with your business goals
  • Draw out specific issues for each individual through one -to-one activities
  • Provide rigorous monitoring, review and continuous improvement
  • Provide professional business coaches matched to your needs
  • Provide a flexible approach to training and development
  • Embed business coaches with your organisation
  • Provide programme materials relevant to each individual’s role
  • Improve your employee engagement and retention
  • Provide tailored training


We’ve got you covered

Our workshops and training solutions are bespoke to your business needs but here’s some examples of some of our modules.

Healthy mind.
Healthy soul.

Preparing you for lift off.

Aim high.
Dream big.
Be successful.