Non-executive directorship

Bringing years of top-level business industry expertise

Within our senior business leader team, we can provide Non-Executive Directorship for SME’s in manufacturing and engineering industries. They bring with them years of top-level business industry expertise to assist, advise and mentor.

Running a business can be a lonely place, where your decisions decide the future of the company and staff, which is why working with a NED/Chair can help you through the pain as you either scale up, raise funds, or exit.  May successful entrepreneurs believe utilising the skills and experience of a NED/Chair makes a huge difference to business performance and can accelerate growth.

Offering a fresh perspective

The worst thing a business owner/leader can do is surround themselves with “yes” people, or clones of themselves.

It is often very helpful to have someone to talk to as a business leader, someone to listen who won’t judge.

Our NED’s/Business Mentors are there for you alone and have you and your business interests at the core of everything they do, they can challenge your thinking and decision making in a positive way, drawing on their extensive business experience as required to help guide and develop your business/teams.

Choosing the right NED

Choosing a good NED/Business Mentor isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have any tried and tested business leaders in your network.

There are many business coaches/consultants/NEDs on the scene and many may have had corporate and business experience, BUT how many have taken a business from nothing to exit, experienced the ’round-the-clock’ pressure of dealing with major staffing issues, survival in economic recessions, fundraised or led successful exits.

Many SME owners/leaders believe that NEDs are for large corporate businesses and not for them, but those who realise the value of a role model NED are able to evidence the difference it makes to them and their business.

Our proven NEDs have led many businesses from nothing to exit and have supported SME owners/leaders in achieving high growth, increased shareholder value and successful exits.

They bring with them years of senior level business leadership and industry expertise, entrepreneurial flair, strategic evaluation, operational and financial expertise, risk management as well as fund raising and board governence.


Why Optima?

  • We truly understand the pressures of running a business.
  • We are there to help you and your business reach its full potential.
  • We will challenge the norm, being proactive, offering a fresh perspective for you to consider.
  • We act as your ‘Critical Business Friend’!