10 Good Reasons To Work With Optima

Businesses usually believe that by using a recruitment agency they are likely to see higher costs. However, have you ever considered the time and money you could save by using a recruitment specialist? Here are 10 reasons you should think about:

  1. If you recruit on job boards, chances are you will receive hundreds of applications for one role. Out of those that apply it’s inevitable that many will be unsuitable for the job. Can you imagine sifting through all those applications and then shortlisting candidates? It’s a lengthy process and ultimately time is money! By using a recruitment agency not only will you save days of wasted operational time, but also the associated costs of sifting through applications. If you use a recruitment agency you only need to make time to view the candidate’s worth considering
  2. Interviews will be scheduled around your diary…all you have to do is your personal preparation and turn up!
  3. All administration and communication with applicants is handled, including 1st interview, selection, shortlist skills test, referencing, verifying and feedback
  4. Contract and temporary roles can be filled at short notice using an extensive database of carefully selected candidates, as well as instant network access to all job seekers registering their details online plus a growing social media presence
  5. Save the cost of posting job adverts. Businesses often believe that bringing recruitment in-house will result in a cost saving, but agencies have allocations on all the top job boards, plus their own database of candidates. Agencies will ensure your jobs are advertised on relevant job boards and social media
  6. Time is taken to reduce the likelihood and cost of recruiting wrong fit candidates. By sending irrelevant candidates to a company, the agency is only harming their own reputation
  7. When you work with a recruitment agency you can reduce your future recruitment costs. A recruitment specialist can be seen as an extension to your business who will have built up knowledge of your organisations requirements and culture expectations
  8. The process is managed smoothly and professionally. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge about the best practice procedures and advice
  9. Specialist market insight from talking to and working in partnership with our clients allowing us to advise and successfully negotiate job offers. When a consultant works in a sector day in and day out and speaks to a variety of businesses within that sector, it’s inevitable they will pick up the latest insight
  10. Candidate queries and questions are collated for clients to deal with in one go or feedback through

If you are looking for a recruitment agency to work with get in touch with us at Optima.

You can email enquiries@optima.streamstudio2.co.uk




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