Optima Join All Party Group on Manufacturing (APMG)

Optima is now a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, a cross-party coalition of Parliamentarians, manufacturers and industry organisations that work to develop new industrial policy ideas, critique existing government decision-making around manufacturing and help the manufacturing community better engage with the policy process.

At Optima, we are keen to use this conduit to Parliament in a positive way to ensure that the voice of our client base is represented appropriately, making a difference within the sector and ensuring it thrives, getting involved in effecting real industry change.

In every sector we work within, we always strive to get out amongst our clients as much as possible, so we can see, feel and understand how it is ‘on-the-ground’. With APMG membership we have the unique opportunity to deliver grassroots feedback from our manufacturing/engineering clients to Parliament and will be able to give our clients the opportunity to attend Parliamentary events and have their voice heard, ultimately ensuring that the manufacturing sector we are all passionate about, grows and prospers in the UK.

For more information about our APMG membership, or to point your views across please contact charlotte.fionda@optima.streamstudio2.co.uk.


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