MAKE UK Summer Reception at the Houses of Parliament

Optima were honoured to be invited to the Make UK & APMG Summer reception.  It was a great opportunity to take some of our valued manufacturing and engineering clients to experience the splendor of the Houses of Parliament and network with other industry colleagues.

We heard various speakers, amongst them Jonathan Reynolds MP, the Shadow Economic Secretary and APMG Vice Chair and Stephen Phipson CEO of MAKE UK, both talking eloquently about the work being done at policy level to promote manufacturing and engineering in the UK.

We also heard from two very inspiring apprentices who are flying high within the industry after getting on to apprenticeship schemes, highlighting just what a great career option a manufacturing or engineering apprenticeship can be.

The whole event was uplifting and the two clients we took had a fruitful day, gaining new contacts as well as a unique opportunity to see how the Houses of Parliament operates, and the work being done behind the scenes to ensure manufacturing and engineering industries thrive and prosper in the UK.


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