What you need to know about the EU Settlement Scheme as an Employee

What is the EU Settlement Scheme?

If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen you and your family members need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK.

How to Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme

You need to complete a short 3 step online application form

  • Your application saves automatically, so if you want to, you can start and then complete it at another time.
  • Once you have made an application for yourself, this can be linked to your family member’s application, using your unique applicant number.
  • It is free to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Step 1:

You can either:

  • Scan your identity document using the EU Exit ID Document Check app on compatible iPhone or Android.
  • Send in your identity document by post.
  • Visit a location providing access to the ID document scanning service.

You will also have to upload a digital photo of yourself.

Step 2:

Proof of Residence

Prove your residence in the UK by providing your National Insurance number if you have one.

Step 3:

Criminality Check

Complete the criminality check by declaring any criminal convictions. Only serious or persistent criminality will affect your application.

Successful applicants will get digital proof of their status through an online service.

Pre-Settled Status and Settled Status

Pre-Settled Status

If you receive pre-settled status, also known as limited leave to remain or enter, this means you can stay in the UK for a period of five years.

Settled Status

If you receive settled status, also known as indefinite leave to remain or enter, this means there is no time limit on how long you can stay in the UK.

Both pre-settled status and settled status allow you to continue to live, work and study in the UK.

Apply Now

You can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme now. The deadline is 30 June 2021.


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government License v3.0.

Source: https://bit.ly/3m5uxuh


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