Optima Lights the Way to a £9.75M Exit!

Many of our clients and candidates will probably know Optima as a recruitment specialist, but what they may not know is we support and drive business growth and provide structured support to SME’s in making plans and investments that will pay dividends in the future.

We are delighted to announce that we have acted as lead advisor to our client Kingfisher Lighting in the successful sale to Luceco Plc.

Optima CEO Larraine Boorman has worked with Kingfisher Lighting for the last 9 years as a non-executive director. Having placed key people within the business who have played a crucial role in driving the business forward we have seen the business grow from strength to strength and have supported Kingfisher to reach their ultimate goal of a successful exit!

After 9 years of providing exterior lighting solutions, retiring chairman John Harding has decided to step down and following extensive consultation support with CEO Larraine, a successful outcome has been reached in a deal valued at £9.75 million.

Kingfisher Chairman had this to say, “We’re grateful for the help and support of Larraine Boorman of Optima for bringing it to a satisfactory outcome!”

We are pleased to add Kingfisher Lighting’s successful exit deal to an already extensive database of client exit and acquisitions both nationally and internationally through our extended network.

If you’re reviewing your exit strategy and would like to find out more please email larraine.boorman@optima.streamstudio2.co.uk.


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